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Developing an EFL Program for Breast Cancer Survivors/Thrivers

“I have learned a lot from this on line course. There are many things from session #4 that I am going to implement in our program. I want to zero in more on the different roles of leadership and utilize more hidden talents that may be there. I also want to strengthen the “Circling Up” with our group and one-on-one sessions, for it is so powerful. And I have a better understanding of how chaos can create something good, and how this can be incorporated into a person’s situation and then help them find a way to move forward in a new way.

Thank you so much for making this available. There are so many good workshops and weekends of learning and training, but so many are away and expensive, that many of us cannot afford. So this has been great. I appreciate it.”  —J Root, recent course grad.

FREE Introductory Teleconference
[See Four Session Training, below]

Listen to our one hour overview of a program specifically designed for women recovering from cancer treatment:


•  Learn the principles of what makes this program so effective.

•  Taste the magic of what happens in Riding Beyond sessions.

•  Explore how this program might enhance the services that you are offering.

Since 2013,  Riding Beyond has attended to the particular issues of breast cancer survivors and thrivers, following treatment. Ground and mounted activities open doors to the future with an equine facilitated learning program that is easily adapted for equine facilitated psychotherapy, as well as other forms of cancer.

MANUAL: Riding Beyond Training for Professionals.

Program Elements, Curriculum Guide, Resources, 32 pages.
You will receive a PDF via email upon our receiving your payment.


Short video about Riding Beyond, from the perspective of participants and volunteers:

This teleconference is conducted by Trish Broersma, Riding Beyond founder and director,  and Jenn Lieber, horse handler with Riding Beyond. Read about them below.

This free teleconference session is an OVERVIEW, preceding the four-session teleconference training program (details below) which provides in-depth training and 6 CEUs for PATH professionals and others. Find out how you can enhance the services you offer in your professional equine assisted services with a program for women recovering from cancer treatment.

The program is designed to attend to these common post-treatment conditions, currently not addressed by the medical profession:

  • A need for physical and emotional revitalization
  • Impairment of vital functions.
  • Self image impacted by surgery and treatment.
  • Tactile defensiveness.
  • Physical disconnection from her body and from other people.
  • Weakened, restricted range of motion, trouble breathing and supporting her own weight.
  • Moving from treatment mode when she turned over her well-being to the medical team, to her own intuitive sense for directing her path of well-being.
  • Threat of cancer recurrence

Holistic activities enlist the horse as a sentient co-facilitator, and address body, mind and spirit through:

  • Activities based on current brain research for promoting neural plasticity,
  • Heart-opening interactions with horses and people,
  • Coherent states of being through balancing head, heart and gut brains,
  • Exploring one’s larger life story and its mythic patterns,
  • Activating the vagus nerve for improved autonomic nervous system issues,
  • Creative writing for expression and integration.

In this free introductory teleconference, you will learn the underlying principles of what makes this program so effective, and hear stories of how this program is different to the usual therapeutic riding programs, while still incorporating many TR activities.

RidingBeyond-(ZF-2162-14328-1-001)Riding Beyond Training for Professionals TeleSeminar:
Four-Session Training Course

From a recent equine professional taking this training:

“I was privileged to experience an intensive in-service at Riding Beyond in mid-February, 2016. Wanting to start a similar program at my PATH Intl. center in eastern Colorado, I sought Trish’s expertise in the field. She is a master teacher, giving me the benefit of her wealth of experience with the horse as a healer. Trish has opened the doors for me into the field of equine specialist in mental health and healing with horses.”

This four session training course, originally recorded in May, 2016, gives you training in the Riding Beyond model and how it can enhance your professional practice for working with cancer survivors and thrivers.

You receive:

  • 6 hours training in an effective EFL program for cancer survivors.
  • Question and Answer teleconferences once a month, for personal assistance and sharing with others.
  • PDF: Riding Beyond Training Manual ($25 value)
  • PowerPoint documentation on Kickstarting a Good Idea into a Broad-Based Community-Supported Program.
  • Participation in an ongoing closed community on Facebook: Riding Beyond Professionals,
  • 6 CEUs

Cost: $199

Content of the four sessions:

Session 1

  • Liberty Work for developing the willing, interactive co-facilitator equine.
  • Activities with horses as sentient beings.
  • Fundamentals of holistic approaches for the particular issues of women cancer survivors/thrivers:
  • Four aspects of the heart
  • Multiple Brain Integration techniques

Session 2

  • Fundamentals of holistic approaches, continued:
  • Four Levels of the Self
  • The Collaborative Team
  • Head / Heart / Gut Awareness and Alignment activities with horses
  • Mounted vs. unmounted sessions

Session 3

  • Activities for enabling women to step into their larger stories, discovering the sacred aspect of their woundings, and restoring them to their sense of positive destiny.
  • Special Issues in Training Volunteers and Handlers

Session 4

  • The role of breast cancer survivors as a keystone species for a viable future.
  • Kickstarting your program into a broad-based community-supported program.

RidingBeyond.org : Read about Riding Beyond and watch videos of the healing experiences for participants, horses and volunteers through the horse/human connections.

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You will receive access to all materials and transcripts upon our receiving your payment.

Free Q/A Sessions Monthly

Starting in July 2016 on the first Thursday of each month, join us for a free Q/A discussion about questions, reflections and insights. Mornings 11 am in winter hours, afternoons 1 pm in summer. Check our Facebook page for monthly notices of details.

Phone number: 712-775-8975

Conference code: 765242.

July 2016:

Making it a business.

August 2016:

Tips on getting started, cancer and mortality issues, should I to do this work if I’ve not had cancer?, the power of the imaginal body.

September 2016:

How to receive tax-deductible donations when you are not yet a non-profit. What if another equine professional wants to come experience my program? Getting out of the horses’ way so they can do the work.

October 2016:

Discussion on enlisting community financial support, along with other support.  Barrel tips.


Riding&Beyond 108Trish Broersma has been a therapeutic riding professional since 1988. She spent eleven years developing and conducting an innovative equine assisted learning program in human development for at risk teens and adults in transition, published in 2007 by New World Library in Riding into Your Mythic Life: Transformational Adventures with the Horse. Since then her work has focused on deepening the horse/human relationship for global purposes, with an emphasis on body-based modalities, the power of story, and liberty training with horses for eliciting their willingness, wisdom, and enthusiasm for interactions with people.  Read more about Trish here.


Jenn LieberJenn Lieber grew up with horses.  She competitively rode hunter/ jumpers in the Mid-West from the time she got her first horse at age 12, through college, where she helped found the intercollegiate equestrian team at their local college.

A move to the interior of Alaska allowed her to work as a mounted trail guide in Denali National Park. Since moving to the Rogue Valley eight years ago, curiosity led her to wonder how the wisdom of horses and their non predatory power can teach respectful communication, collaborative leadership skills, and mindful awareness. She co-founded Pony Playtime for 3-5 year olds, and co-facilitates several summer horse camps. She delights in the laughter, energy and learning created when humans and horses are free to play together. She is currently working toward ICF certification with Equine Alchemy. Most recently, her daughter’s outgrown show pony who lives in the field outside their front door, is where she spends her time developing a relationship that helps to inform her next steps, like her role as a horse handler in Riding Beyond.