Peggy Rubin’s Birthday Gift

CB_116Let’s give our dear Peggy the gift she has asked for, on the occasion of her 80th birthday, August 18:

A Community Sponsored Writing Retreat

Peggy wants to write for a month at the Oregon Coast, and we want to gift her a month’s stay at her favorite retreat there, all expenses paid.

We thought this would be a wonderful gift from all of her community of friends who love her.

With everyone’s help, we can do this. I am stewarding the donations. Any amount is welcome. You can send a check to me, made out to Trish Broersma, and mail to 864 Perozzi, Ashland, OR 97520 or donate with your credit card through PayPal below.

Everyone who donates will have their name added to the card given along with the big check to Peggy on her birthday this August.

Here is the poem that has inspired Peggy’s request:

Sometimes it can happen to these cheeks
when a poem visits my mind for the first time
and begins to look around.
They can wonder why rain is falling on them,
and causing my nose to run too.
O boy, what a mess love makes of me. But
there is nothing else right now I would rather
be doing … than reaping something from a
field in another dimension
and leaving it in the marketplace for any who
might happen by.
Leave something in the marketplace for us
before you leave  this world. ~ Hafiz