mBIT Reflections

What a remarkable, inspiring and in-depth training we have just completed for becoming certified as mBIT Coaches led by Cheryl Parkinson Cruttenden! I’ve been offering a junior version of mBIT for about a year. This training added many layers of depth and clarity to what I’ve understood previously about working with the whole self, all based on current neuroscience as well as ancient wisdom. Throughout the five days, we learned for ourselves and for clients how to access a full-body, high state of wisdom in attending to the daily challenges and decision-making in creatively coping with rapid change in our lives. Included here are some photos of our half day session with Mystic, who gave us practice in attuning to our own acute sensing. I am looking forward to incorporating more of this powerful, cutting-edge work in what I offer clients and my horses.  More to come later.


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    Cheryl Cruttenden of Melbourne, Australia, was our mBIT trainer.
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